Endless Time

phil salina is from New York, a bassist, vocalist, and song writer. He wrote the words and music to 'Bad Day  In Eden' along with the instrumental, 'Smoke & Fire'. Currently active in two bands and working on new original material. 

Bad Day In Eden is a  ballad and the inspiration was born when he  was visiting the Sistine chapel in Rome.

Sometime after that trip, he wrote this track. 

This  track features players also from New York.  They have been together  for a long, long time at this point. phil said, "It has always been a privilege to create music with these  guys." 

And these guys are;

rb shaw - electric  &   acoustic guitars,   backing vocals  &  congas 
n agneta - keyboards
a ware - percussion
b mulligan - backing vocals
p salina - sax

They are currently working on their next  track,
'I'll Remember You.'  It is still in the recording process. If you join their  mailing list they  can let you know of  any updates and future release dates.  All of your support is appreciated and please,  spread the word,  Thanks.